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    by Yule & Bellow (686)

    whats it like?...i just got one for free, no use in turning down a free board, im plannin on just keepin it as a toy...its brand new but its as dead and limp as Weeners, well...

    by Yule & Bellow (686)

    whoevers season is over make ur way to the northwest. we got 22 inches in the past 48 hours, and thats at the low mountain! (summit at snoqulamie)

    by Yule & Bellow (686)

    the dakine stingray gloves for ADHDam or whatever his name is. he will be very pleased, that is as long as he gets a good deal on em, cuz aint worth retail!!!!

    by WeeeeeNer (201)

    is a girlie, you know, yumm yumm ???

    pwt, do you like da women or da men ???

    wheres stezzy 2day

    by PWT (66)

    i am a previous acquaintance of da weeener

    the snatch i dont know much about, he's the new guy

    by Yule & Bellow (686)

    im not interested in joining ur lil three ring circus...i was just wondering cuz you guys kinda seem like to face of brociety, to me at least. im just stick to the BC leaderboard with the rest of the nerds :-)

    by ADHDam (1)

    how about some pipe / spring gloves up on this pig!

    by Snatchsquatch (499)

    I don want to go to work!!!

    by Indestructible (32)

    God damn.
    I want it, but the season is done out here on the east coast. Incredible board though. People should snap these up.

    by WeeeeeNer (201)

    oh yeah, da weeeeNer stikes again.

    by Snatchsquatch (499)

    yeah,,, and somehow I got pregnant by weeeners weener.

    by WeeeeeNer (201)

    I met one WM dude, cause we figured out that we lived 3 blocks away from each other. I was down in SDBR's hood for a paddle out / funeral but didn't look for him. I've tapped his moms *ss so many times though, I feel like I know him anywaysers.

    PWT lives in the UK, I think. He's got really bad teeth so I'll pass. Easy to spot though, he's the dude wearing 10 watches on each arm.

    I have seen mtn-chicks myspace page.

    snatchsquatch and I have been exchanging vids and pix that you kooks will never get to see.


    by PWT (66)

    NO ... you are not allowed into our inner circle of superspectacularness

    by Yule & Bellow (686)

    PWT, Weener or Steezy ever met in real life????...am i the only one wondering that?...and even with the shipping charges 21 bucks is a good deal for that hoody

    by WeeeeeNer (201)

    where do you surf pwt? use wannasurf.com to tell me.

    by PWT (66)

    what am i doing this weekend?


    why do you ask?

    by WeeeeeNer (201)


    by WeeeeeNer (201)


    By: rga2936012 (1)
    March 19, 2009

    If you're trying to make up your mind... BUY THESE PANTS!!! I'm one of those who researches way too much so I was skeptical but I couldn't be happier. They look sick and they fit perfect. I'm 5'8" and normally wear a 36-30 pant and the Large fit me great. Although, I do use a belt and I like my gear baggy. I just did a trip to Park City, Utah and they had fresh powder. I spent some time doing backcountry boarding with powder up to my knees (and lots of time on my rear end) and by the end of the day I was as dry as can be. The extra button on the bottom is sweet so the pants don't drag in the parking lot. Get these pants, you won't regret it!

    By: too2516852 (1)
    November 19, 2008

    Great pants! I love everything about them except the size. My jean size is 38-34 and after looking at the sizing chart I ordered the XXL which lists a 38-40 waist and 34 inseam. The length is great but the waist is huge! Even having the adjustable waist straps tightened all the way they are still a tad big. But that is why belts were invented so it's not a problem. But an FYI for anyone who is around a 38-34 size to get an XL instead of the XXL. I highly recommend these pants!

    Can't Touch This!
    By: Felipao (1)
    March 29, 2008

    At first what I was really looking for, was a snowboard jacket that would keep me comfortable and dry and it was then when I learn about the LinkZip. I decided that it was exactly what I was looking for, so I didnīt just bought the "Burton 3/2 Jacket" but I also bought the "Burton Vent Pant" and they worked perfectly. I really put them to the test jumping, falling and rolling over pure powder and still no snow getting in to me nowhere. So now I just charge it without wondering if I will regret it by getting soaked wet at the end. Just ride, laughing at the snow in a MC Hammer style, because I now that what ever happens, unless I want it to, the snow "Can't Touch This!"

    I love them
    By: stoepstyle (2)
    March 4, 2008

    I got the Kryptonite color they look awsome and the vents are great I did backcountryish hiking runs runs at my resort, I unzipped all the vents and it was like I was hiking in shorts. Make sure to zip up before you head down the hill especially the inner thigh ones snow gets in easily

    sweet as
    By: west aussie coops (3)
    January 15, 2008

    get em. the infrared pop plaid looked so bloody cool and i got heaps of comments on them. most people just wear boring old white and black but if your eccentric and like to have steez on the slopes, go for infrared pop plaid. these are seriously warm pants and were warm in -5F temp + windchill. plus the chicks reckon you shred when you wear these babies into town haha.

    SICK Pants
    By: aje2944193 (1)
    March 25, 2009

    Great for warmer skiing. Needs a base layer in winter. The pants run baggy. XL is huge, sometimes the cuffs get caught on my bindings. Other that that, these pants are awesome

    by WeeeeeNer (201)

    what are ya doing this w/e?

    by Steve Mitchell (8)

    Can you guys throw up some Libertine boots? Thanks!

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