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The Oakley Crowbar Goggle is burly, sleek, and according to Oakley, “always ready for whatever.”

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Strap on the Oakley Crowbar Goggle and get prepared for any action the mountain throws your way. Oakley’s lightweight impact-resistant O Matter frame and dual-layer anti-fog Plutonite lenses give you the goods to go anywhere on the mountain and see clearly through any kind of weather you encounter there. Oakley gave the Crowbar Goggle pressure-distributing frame struts that improve fit and comfort while you rocket or jib down the mountain. Add triple-layer face foam with moisture-wicking fleece, and a silicone strap-retention strip, and you feel like you’ve just strapped on the last goggle you’ll ever need.

Tech Specs

Frame Material O Matter Helmet Compatible yes
Eyeglass Compatible no Ventilation top, bottom vents
Face Size medium, large Grip Strap yes, elastic
Recommended Use winter sports

Sizing Chart

Oakley Eyewear

Lens Tints
CLEAR 93% neutral 0 indoor
RUBY CLEAR IRIDIUM®* 92% increased 0 indoor
YELLOW 90% increased 0 overcast
HIGH INTENSITY YELLOW IRIDIUM®* 86% increased 0 overcast
PINK IRIDIUM®* 68% increased 1 overcast
PERSIMMON 61% increased 1 overcast
HIGH INTENSITY PERSIMMON IRIDIUM®* 59% increased 1 overcast
TITANIUM CLEAR IRIDIUM®* 54% neutral 1 overcast
GOLD CLEAR IRIDIUM®* 53% increased 1 overcast
BLACK PERSIMMON IRIDIUM®* 44% increased 2 flat to low light
VR50™ PINK IRIDIUM®* 43% increased 2 flat to low light
LIGHT RED® IRIDIUM®* 40% increased 2 flat to low light
G40™ 40% increased 2 flat to low light
P42®IRIDIUM®* 40% increased 2 flat to low light
EMERALD SLATE IRIDIUM®* 32% neutral 2 flat to low light
G30™* IRIDIUM®* 30% increased (golf specific) 2 flat to low light
VR28® 28% increased 2 flat to low light
G26™IRIDIUM®* 26% increased (shooting specific) 2 flat to low light
VR28® BLUE IRIDIUM®* 26% increased 2 flat to low light
G30™ BLACK IRIDIUM®* 25% increased 2 flat to low light
SLATE IRIDIUM®* 23% neutral 2 flat to low light
VR35™ GOLD IRIDIUM®* 23% increased 2 flat to low light
BRONZE 22% increased 2 flat to low light
GREY 17% neutral 3 bright light
+RED® IRIDIUM®* 17% increased 3 bright light
VR28® BLACK IRIDIUM®* 17% increased 3 bright light
VR28®* GOLD IRIDIUM®* 17% increased 3 bright light
JADE IRIDIUM®* 17% increased 3 bright light
FIRE IRIDIUM®* 16% increased 3 bright light
RUBY IRIDIUM®** 16% neutral 3 bright light
G20 BLACK IRIDIUM®* 15% increased 3 bright light
BLUE IRIDIUM®* 15% increased 3 bright light
VIOLET IRIDIUM®* 14% increased 3 bright light
CHROME IRIDIUM®* 14% neutral 3 bright light
TUNGSTEN IRIDIUM®* 13% increased 3 bright light
EMERALD IRIDIUM®* 13% neutral 3 bright light
GOLD IRIDIUM®* 12% increased 3 intense sun
DARK BRONZE 12% increased 3 intense sun
WARM GREY 12% increased 3 intense sun
24K IRIDIUM®* 11% increased 3 bright light
TITANIUM IRIDIUM®* 10% increased 3 intense sun
ICE IRIDIUM®* 10% neutral 3 intense sun
BLACK IRIDIUM®* 10% neutral 3 intense sun
DARK GREY 10% neutral 3 intense sun
BROWN GRADIENT 38% increased 2 flat to low light
BLACK GRADIENT 35% neutral 2 flat to low light
BLACK VIOLET GRADIENT 26% increased 2 medium light
VR50™ BROWN GRADIENT 25% increased 2 medium light
DARK BROWN GRADIENT 24% increased 2 medium light
G40™ BLACK GRADIENT 22% increased 2 medium light
BLACK GREY GRADIENT 24% neutral 2 bright light
LIGHT GREY POLARIZED 35% neutral 2 partly cloudy
AMBER POLARIZED** 30% increased 2 partly cloudy
00® GREY POLARIZED 20% increased 2 partly cloudy
AMBER BLACK IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 18% neutral 3 partly cloudy
SHALLOW BLUE™ IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 21% increased (angling specific) 2 sunny
00® RED IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED** 20% increased 2 sunny
BRONZE POLARIZED 19% increased 2 sunny
+RED® IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 18% increased 2 sunny
RUBY IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 17% neutral  3 sunny
GREY POLARIZED 17% neutral 3 sunny
VR28®* POLARIZED 16% increased 3 sunny
VR28® BLUE IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 14% increased 3 sunny
TUNGSTEN IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 13% increased 3 sunny
EMERALD IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 13% neutral 3 sunny
TITANIUM IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 12% increased 3 sunny
DEEP BLUE™ IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 17% neutral (angling specific) 3 intense sun
FIRE IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 16% increased 3 intense sun
GREY GRADIENT®* POLARIZED 15% neutral 3 intense sun
G30™ IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 14% increased 3 intense sun
00 BLUE IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 13% increased 3 intense sun
TUNGSTEN IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 13% increased 3 intense sun
EMERALD IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 13% neutral 3 intense sun
TITANIUM IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 12% increased 3 intense sun
24K IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 11% bright light 3 intense sun
BROWN GRADIENT®* POLARIZED 10% increased 3 intense sun
VR28® GOLD IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 11% increased 3 intense sun
00® BLACK IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 10% increased 3 intense sun
VR28® BLACK IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 10% increased 3 intense sun
ICE IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 9% neutral 3 intense sun
BLACK IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 9% neutral 3 intense sun
GOLD IRIDIUM®* POLARIZED 9% increased 3 intense sun
VR50™  50% increased  1  flat to low light
 ACTIVATED  10%    3  intense sun
CLEAR BLACK IRIDIUM®*  69%  neutral  1  flat to low light
 ACTIVATED  23%    2  sunny
LIGHT GREY  38%  neutral  2  partly cloudy
 ACTIVATED  8%    3  intense sun
G40™  40%  increased  2  partly cloudy
 ACTIVATED  8%    3  intense sun
VR50™  50%  increased  1  flat to low light
 ACTIVATED  10%    3  intense sun
CLEAR BLACK IRIDIUM®*  69%  increased  1  flat to low light
 ACTIVATED  23%    2  intense sun
BLACK IRIDIUM® 15% increased 3 medium to bright light
BLUE N/A increased N/A flat to low light
GOLD CLEAR N/A increased N/A flat to low light
GOLD IRIDIUM® 22% increased 1 medium to bright light
RUBY CLEAR 67% increased 2 low light
VR50™ EMERALD IRIDIUM® 30% increased 2 medium to bright light
PERSIMMON 55% neutral 1 flat to low light
Protection Index (in compliance with the standard PrEN 1836)
Index 0: aesthetic, very low protection
Index 1: for weak sun luminosity
Index 2: for average sun luminosity
Index 3: for strong sun luminosity
*Iridium lens coatings reduce glare while balancing light transmission and color recognition in every type of weather.


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They suck December 26, 2012

I have to admit, I loved these goggles at first, but after about 5 days of riding I broke my lense, oakley was kind enough to replace them. I had those for almost 2 months then cracked them down the middle again. Oakley wouldnt replace them that time so i=I decided to buy some with my money, I split the lense in half yesterday, I will never buy oakley goggles again!

– Cooper
Rating for this product: 1 of 5

They suck December 26, 2012

I have to admit, I loved these goggles at first, but after about 5 days of riding I broke my lense, oakley was kind enough to replace them. I had those for almost 2 months then cracked them down the middle again. Oakley wouldnt replace them that time so i=I decided to buy some with my money, I split the lense in half yesterday, I will never buy oakley goggles again!

– Cooper
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Sick goggles March 22, 2011

Super soft frames with sick lenses make the Oakley Crowbar Goggles easy to wear non-stop. I bought a pair last fall, and fell asleep with them on they were so comfy. Once winter rolled around, no more sleeping - they held up great for hours of snowboarding. They fit well with a helmet, both over the back and under. They also are small enough to fit small faces, yet large enough to protect from the elements. Pink Iridium lenses are dark enough to cruise the park during the day, as well as highlighting the ground during the shadowless evenings. Definitely better than all of the Spy's, Anon's, and Dragon's I've worn before.

– Jono
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Crowbars October 24, 2008

First of all, these are Oakleys, so you can't go wrong. No fogging, great comfort, good quality, and of course good style. I own a pair of these and love them. The lens are crystal clear and you often forget you're wearing them. To help those who are trying to decide between Crowbars, Wisdoms, and A-Frames hopefully I can help. First, the A-Frames tend to fit a medium to smaller face. They're definately the smallest of the three. Because of this they also have the least amount of peripherel vision when wearing them. However, if you're face is smaller you probably won't notice this anyways. The Crowbars and Wisdoms are made for the medium to larger faces. Both have a bigger field of view than the A-Frames but are slightly differently shaped. The Crowbars and A-frames have the typical goggle shape while the Wisdoms have more of a rounded shape towards the bottom. I find that the Crowbars fit tighter around your nose than the Wisdoms do. So if you have a bigger nose I would go with the Wisdoms. Either way, all three are great goggles, and better yet, if you order from here and they don't fit, you can send them back and change your order without any problem. These guys have GREAT customer service!

– Fur Finley
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Goggles? Or Eye Protectors Battling The Evil Knee Monsters! July 3, 2011

Other reviews already give proof that the Crowbar is one of the best goggles on the market as far as fit, fashion, and function, but you should also know that they take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. when you come down from a cross-continental flight and your face meets your knees, you'll be glad you went with Oakleys.

– Adam Bagby
Rating for this product: 2 of 5

Meh December 25, 2012

Good Goggle, but if your goggles fly off and the inside of the lens gets wet don't wipe it dry because you will ruin a very expensive lens. So your screwed if your on the hill and this happens....LAME. $125 lame

– cap5224001
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Amazing February 27, 2012

These goggles rock. I have been wearing IS or Iris goggles for the last ten years. I just made the switch and am very satisfied. These goggles fit great and are built tough. I bought some Ruby Clear lenses for them and they worked for both storm and bluebird conditions, first time that has ever happened. All in all a great goggle.

– Eastern Split
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Hey Good Lookin February 2, 2012

Sick looking goggles! I prefer the Smith I/O because of they fit my face better, but these are good goggles too.

– Ethan Rapp
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Work as a goggle should. February 13, 2012

These have worked well over the past month or so. I have not had fogging issues and they are compatible with my Smith helmet. The vision field is sufficient, no complaints here.

– Gordonlightfootsbiggestfan
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Oakley Crowbar Goggle February 13, 2012

My wife got me these for my birthday, gotta say they are the best. Never fog, clear lens, and protection is great. Def recommend these!

– Snoho
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

buy this goggle!!! December 30, 2011

these goggles are great! just wore my pair for the first time (first time oakley goggle owner) and i must say they did not disappoint. the day went from snowing, to fog, to overcast and finally blue skies with sunshine. i used the vr28 lens (also bought a second pair with clear lenses, they were great too) and they worked great throughout the day. super comfortable and they keep your face nice and warm. never fogged up too!! the only thing that fogged were my glasses... great goggle, highly recommended

– kiyoto k
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

perfect December 22, 2011

these goggles are awesome. i have the fire iridium lenses and they are way rad. i will never use anything else. they are super comfortable on my face, have a good field of vision, and also never fog. they also go really well with helmets. i recommend them

– Johnny H
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

BEST GOGGLES EVER December 21, 2011


– Christian Terrill
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

new colors December 10, 2011

the new blue and orange goggles are super sick looking, the crowbars are always a super nice goggle choice and look super good on the slopes

– Alex H
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Great Helmet Goggle December 1, 2011

Kicks butt! Fit's with Helmets Awesome! Near flush with my RED Mutiny. All the lens options make it so you can't go wrong

– Thaddeus O'Connell
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Big November 26, 2011

I have a bigger face so these work great for me. I have a pire of high and low light lenses that I pout in them depending on the day. I love these goggles.

– Chris Reid
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Best in class! December 3, 2011

Crowbars are best in class goggles! great durability, side vision, never fogs, cool style, and great production quality. definitely a tangible step up from my previous Anons. I got the JP Auclair crowbar Tokyo subway - super stylish

– Wael Hassan
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Best out there! October 7, 2011

These goggles are by far, the best goggle i have used... They are super comfortable, and lightweight. You can smash your face a million times, but the lenses just don't break. i have only had one fog up, but it was my fault, which is a pretty good track record if you ask me. BUY THESE GOGGLES... you will not regret it

– Toby Mitch
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Great so far April 22, 2011

I've only skiied two days with the goggle but so far, so good. They are comfortable to wear with the strap under the helmet, or over the helmet and the visibility has been great with the persimmon lens. First day I skiied with them at Breck it was overcast and flurrying and the goggle picked up the definition of the snow without any problems. Second day was bright and sunny and I didn't have any problems with glare or with feeling like the lens was letting too much light in. Style wise, at least for my face, the frame of the goggle sticks out quite a bit and looks a little bulky, but that is a very minor complaint. Overall, have really enjoyed the goggle so far. [sidenote: I typed "google" before typing "goggle" every single time I went to write "goggle" in this review...it has taken over my mind]

– dev3671405
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Crowbar or Wowbar? March 1, 2011

THE MOST comfortable goggles I've ever used and perfect optical clarity. I actually prefer these over the Splices because they have a more snug fit. When it comes to lens quality, Oakley is at the top for a reason. They are second to none. When I'm not experimenting with other goggles, these are my weapon of choice.

– Elmo
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Sean McConkeys all the way April 14, 2011

Got these solely because they were the Sean promodel and I love them. The Black Iridium lenses are great for sun and terrible for flat light. I wear my Wisdoms in anything less than bright sunlight

– Mitch Andrews
Rating for this product: 3 of 5

Too Bulky - Otherwise a Good Goggle April 14, 2011

The Oakley Crowbars are very nice, quality goggles. They are sturdy and the lens is also nice. However, for those with larger faces, you may want to consider a larger goggle/one with a thinner frame. I bought theese as a replacement for my 2 or 3 year old cheapo goggles, and, amazingly, the peripheral in them was not as good. It was still decent, but I'm not paying $70+ for a downgrade in what I can see. The biggest problem is that the frame, at least for me, is obnoxiously large. It's like trying to see through a lens surrounded by a Crown Victoria bumper. The problem was especially pronounced when I was racing. In a tuck, I could not see up to see where I was going without painfully craning my neck because the frame was in the way. All in all, a very high quality piece of optics, but better for those with a small/medium sized face than those with a medium/large face.

– wpo4573432
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Absolutly Awesome March 21, 2011

Love Love Love these!! I got the Shane McConkey Pro model and they are great. They fit smaller than my Wisdoms but still feel awesome. They go great with or without a helmet and look good in almost any color combo

– Mitch Andrews
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

sick goggles!! February 14, 2011

I got these in the fire iridium lenses and they are awesome, not too dark for most days but on the cloudy days i throw on some A-frames with some HI-yellow lenses. The crowbars fit pretty well with my bern helmet!!

– Aws
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Amazing Goggles February 2, 2011

Love these things still have my Wisdoms but I havent worn them since I got these... great for bright sun and can still be used at night without too much problem

– Mitch Andrews
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Goggles don't fog! April 9, 2011

Bought these for my fiance, who has a larger-head. He loved them while skiing - especially the bright, sunny days. They are really mirrored when seeing them "in person" as well. Overall great goggles he wants to wear for years!

– lau4532251
Rating for this product: 2 of 5

Kinda Bummed February 3, 2011

Bought two pair of crowbars with HI Persimmon lenses. BOTH pairs had flaws in the lens on the right side at about the one o'clock position. Very Bizarre. Returned both for a pair of regular persimmon and they were OK, but still had a slight, but tolerable, flaw in the same location. Thought it must be my eye, but when I put my A frames on with the Fire lens, they were crystal clear. Just used the persimmon at Okemo, Vt in snow storm and they didn't perform as well as I had hoped. Couldn't read the terrain definition very well. HUGE Kudos to Back Country though for standing behind their products and taking care of me. No hassles what-so-ever! Dave S Williamsport, Pa

– dbs4404726
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

A good helmet goggle January 18, 2011

I found this goggle to be best suited for use with a helmet, and at the ski resort. I originally used the A-Frame goggle, and when it came time to upgrade, I tried both the Crowbar, and then the Elevate goggle from Oakley, but I found both to be too small for my somewhat wider face. They also did not vent as well as my A-Frames when touring/hiking. I ended up returning these (Thank you Backcountry!) and buying a replacement pair of A-Frames. This is still a great goggle, just not ideal for my face size, or intended use (plenty of backcountry skiing).

– Jan Booth
Rating for this product: 2 of 5

steezy till they crack January 14, 2011

these are awesome till one day you pull up to the hill and pull them out of your shred bag and they have a huge crack right down the middle of the inside lense, after that they are useless because they fog by just looking at them,

– jay4ride
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

T. Hall EDITION January 13, 2011

Goggles seem to fit tight on the nose. The T. Hall editions do disappoint with the lions being patches and not embroidered. Overall the rarely fog and are very comfortable.

– Sinbinner
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Helio Crowbars January 11, 2011

I have the crowbars great goggles nice fit. I ride with them under my helmet with a beanie and a bandana. The anti-fog is great when wearing a bandana.

– Preston
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

no night vision January 6, 2011

my friend has had these goggles for about a month now. he lets me use them when he doesn't wear them. they are really nice during the day, but me and him both refuse to wear them at night, because you can't see anything. they are really nice and don't fog, but the night vision has to be fixed on them.

– Conner Walton
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Best goggles out there December 30, 2010

I have worn Oakleys, Electrics, Anons and Smiths, and form now on I am never buying any goggles that aren't Oakley. The fit is always money, the vision is great, designs and lenses are sick...currently im rocking the matte white crowbars with fire lenses for sunny days and HI yellows for cloudy days/nights. Couldn't ask for better performance in a goggle.

– dirtyhead10
Rating for this product: 3 of 5

For larger face only March 18, 2009

I bought this goggle based on online reviews and did not get a chance to try it on prior to purchase. I ended up returning the goggle, because it was a little too big and the downward view is not wide. I ended up with buying the Anon Figment instead, which fit my medium to small face better. Plus the downward view angle on the Anon was better.

– L. Do
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Great goggles! December 20, 2010

Wore them recently in Vail in both sunny and cloudy/windy days. And they performed well. Fit was perfect with my Smith Maze helmet. Black Iridium lenses worked perfectly on the sunny day. On the cloudy/windy day, I had to purchase repalcement lenses - HI Persimmon. Black Iridium just didn't provide just couldn't handle the low light condiutions. They never fogged up and kept me protected all over the mountain.

– MattW
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

love it December 8, 2010

these goggols are ACE!

Rating for this product: 5 of 5

worth the money January 4, 2011

no question the best goggles i have ever owned in my life. will not fog on me not matter what i do if i breath into my jacket and it goes up into my goggles the fog will instantly vanish like magic. I have the fire iridium lenz and like the shit is just amazing. if your someone like me who thinks that the quality of your gear isnt the most important thing and its about the riding then at least try to remember that you cant ride if you cant see!

– Powder cat
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

crowbars November 30, 2010

this is my second pair of crowbars and i love them, great fit, comfy and great vison.

– lara13_sta100136536
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Once you go Oakley, you never go back. November 24, 2010

I bought these goggles two years ago not knowing what to expect. They are the best goggles. They keep you very warm and never fog unless you put them on your helmet of hat, but then your asking for it to be fogged. Otherwise the best goggle.

– julieschwa952835
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Stylish! Great Quality! February 4, 2011

I get a lot of complements all the time. Absolutely Great. I love it.

– rie3017781
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

precision optics in a durable package August 27, 2009

I have had the same pair of blue iridium/a frames for almost 7-8 years, and i never noticed any significant wear till last season (08-09). The foam was starting to pull away from the frame and the lenses were starting to get stress fractures, point being that if you take care of these they will last well beyond there expected life time (considering snow sports can be pretty brutal on equipment).They almost never fogged, except for rare occasions such as the vents getting packed with snow after bailing, uber intense hikes with minimal air flow, or coming outta the lodge and not letting the lenses temper before putting them on( i.e. hot face + cold outside lens=condensation). As far as visual acuity/protection there is no competitor as far as i'm concerned. The blue iridiums are not even the most protective ( i think it is the fire and then black, leaving the polarized out of the eqaution of course)and on blue bird days these goggles were absolutely flawless! Its hard to articulate, you just have to see for yourself, but guarantee you will be f---in stoked!!! I just bought a pair of black iridium crowbars, cuz my only problem with the a-frames (to no fault of oakley) is that the air ports shot directly into my eyeballs at high speeds, and with contacts, tha worst dry eye you can imagine.....that sucked!!! So do your eyes a huge favor and get some. Suck it up, you get what you pay for, you can keep buyin crap every season or spend 2 or 3 times more and have peace of mind for the next 5-7 seasons, choose wisely.

– earth crusher 76
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Solid Goggle! February 19, 2011

These goggles are awesome! When it comes to optical quality Oakley is at the top! These things have always been a favorite from the Oakley line and its easy to see why. Super comfortable fit, spherical lens lets you see everything on the hill, and stylish patterns/colorways hold their own. Highly recommended goggle for anyone

– Alyssa Forrest
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Great Goggles September 8, 2010

These are my 2nd favorite goggles on the market right now, just slightly below the Oakley Splice. I do like how this goggle comes in more colorways, but the thing I like about the Splice is that it has a greater field of view and has a stiffer nose piece which opens your airway for breathing more easily. I do own many pairs of crowbars though, and I know that I have posted pictures of them here, I just have never reviewed them on this page. Their optics are the best in the world, they are really impact resistant, my only complaint is that the inside of the lens scratches easily, so don't try to clean it without following the instructions. Also, make sure you dry out your goggles if you use them many days in a row.

– D. Joshua Christensen
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

HI Yellow for the NE November 6, 2010

I bought these to replace my lost pair of Oakley Wisdoms (the best goggle ever made). I have used them for a few seasons now and am smitten. They fit well both over a hat or a helmet. The high intensity yellow lens is perfect for New England. The lens does not block much of the little light that exists out here and does a great job exaggerating the features in the terrain. If planning on skiing out west or in Europe I would not recommend this lens as it would not block enough of the sun.

– The Triple Wide
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Two Thumbs Up December 12, 2008

Another quality Oakley product. Have the Black Iridium lens for "normal conditions" and have the Persimmon lens for really overcast conditions. Swapping out lenses can be a chore but can be done. I have a medium size face and it fits perfectly. Those with larger faces should try em on before making the purchase.

– SoCal SurfPilot
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Best goggle out there. February 27, 2009

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to the oakley crowbar. I have 6 different pairs each with a different lens. Ya I know. But these are by far the best goggles that I have ever used, and I have used many different types of electric, smith, and even other oakley's. I have the Black Ird., and Fire Ird. lens's for those bright sunny days, and the Pink Ird., and the HI Yellow len's for those overcast days. But my fav lens is by far the Grey Polerized. It works wonders when it is really bright out and is also good for the overcast days, my go anywhere do anything lens you could say. Also the endless combinations of the frame/strap/outriggers keep these googles in a class of their own while making you stand out. So bottom line if you are in search of a pair of goggles that make your view of the mountain, hand rail, or gnarly cliff drop, look better, they also make you look damn cool while you do them.

– sick
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

shit hot December 19, 2010

Great Goggles, in fact shit hot. I have a big head and the crowbars fit me really well. If you have a small head, I would consider the A-Frames. Good vents, so when you're moving they get lots of air flow through them which prevents condensation. I got the terje haakonsen ones with the pink iridium lens, which i use as my low light / cloudy / foggy / snowing day lens. I also bought a black iridium polarised (cuts reflected light) lens for bluebird days. Once you have decided on a goggle frame (personally i couldn't give a stuff what they look like), the most important consideration is the lenses. The oakley website is fantastic as it allows to you compare how different lenses are to look through. If you wear a helmet (please see the jerry seinfeld gag about motorcycle helmets if you don't) make sure you try the goggles on with your helmet. I am pretty hard on my lenses, they are always getting scratched from tree branches, just part of life i guess. You should have at least one set of polarised lenses as the majority of light in snow environments is reflected. Get familiar with changing the lenses, it's not hard but takes a bit of practice. Goggles are the 2nd most problematic purchase (imho) after boots. if you buy any good goggles and follow these golden rules, you won't have any problems: 1. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever wipe the inside of your goggles when they are wet, even with a lens cloth. If you get snow in there, hold them upside and tap the snow out. Resist the temptation to touch the insides at all costs. Even if there is moisture inside, it will clear once you get some airflow. If it's really unbearable and you can get to a bathroom, hold them under a hand-dryer for a minute. 2. See rule 1. 3. Wear them on your eyes, not the top of your head. Firstly, they aren't protecting your eyes and secondly they tend to fog up more on the top of your head, usally because when you put them there you are standing around doing nothing. Get moving! 4. Remove your goggles when hiking.

– Richard Possin
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Oakley Crowbar Goggle - The Standard October 23, 2009

I consider these to be the standard around which other goggles are measured. You can't beat the performance and style offered by the crowbar, and they fit very well with most helmets (I own a Sweet Protection Rambler Beaked, I don't think I've ever seen a tighter fit on a helmet/goggle combo). They're expensive, but you are definitely paying for what you get.

– Nate Blouin
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wooooooow. January 27, 2011

really really nice goggles. lens is exactly what you would expect from oakley very very high quality. I rock the fire iridium witch is great for sunny days not so great for low light. the openings/vents are so legit that I dont even know if thats whats keeping my goggles steam free, or some sort of amazing NASA technology. for real I sit with these on my head, with my jacket unzipped, after ridding all day, while smoking a bowl, and they will not fog on me. only buy these goggles if you want to see the hill in HD and look like a bad ass and never have to worry about steam and fog.

– Powder cat
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Super Nice Goggles August 30, 2010

I Use these and The Smith I/O as My two favorite goggles. The Lens choices with oakley are unparallel. Unfortunately the I/O Lens changes out alot easier, so i gave the Crowbars a 4 star for that. Otherwise, A great Goggle, I have never had fogging issues with, Fits awesome on helmets, and has a variety of Colors and Lenses, Or you can Custom some on the Oakley Website

– vince coleman
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Love my crowbars May 31, 2010

The crowbars are one of my favorite goggles. They have a great fit and excellent range of view. Oakley has made greats optics for years, you won't be disappointed.

– Ryan Schmitt
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Best goggles out there September 16, 2011

Las year I got oakley crowbar Eq enamel with blue iridium a it was the best choice I made cause I love them a lot the hdo is crazy good I love them cause I like the color to I need help with a lens choice I want a lens for my Oakley crowbar goggles I want t fire iridium or dark gray witch is better fire iridium or dark gray

– taylor carter
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They're GRRRReat! May 23, 2010

These goggles are seriously awesome. They have the highest optical clarity of any goggle on the market, they have the highest impact resistance to any snow goggle, and they are really stylish. The field of view on these goggles is larger than on the Oakley A-Frame. These also fit larger faces than the Oakley A-Frame. Don't let that fact scare you, my sister has a pretty small face and she also loves these goggles. My only complaint is with the coating that they use on the inside of the goggle lens. It scratches off really easily and ruins the lens. It is really annoying, only wipe the lens with the provided goggle bag, and don't let ANY dirt or hard water get on the lens or you will be sorry. Also, if you ride 3 or 4 days in a row, let them air out REALLY well overnight, or they WILL fog up. I am really hard on my goggles though.

– D. Joshua Christensen
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Nice goggles but.. January 13, 2011

Nice pair of goggles. Cool colors. Great vision! But kinda small for people with large heads or bigger noses. Feels like it constrains the airways to your nose. Def had more comfortable goggles then these but overall descent

– cbachis
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Best Goggle Ever! March 31, 2010

The Crowbars are great, they look good, they feel great, and everything else about them is designed perfectly. The persimmon lenses are perfect for everything. They are not too light and not too dark, they are good for skiing and snowboarding at moderate altitudes, and areas with trees and shade.

– zan3754103
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Best Goggle Ever! March 31, 2010

The Crowbars are great, they look good, they feel great, and everything else about them is designed perfectly. The persimmon lenses are perfect for everything. They are not too light and not too dark, they are good for skiing and snowboarding at moderate altitudes, and areas with trees and shade.

– zan3754103
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Best Goggle Ever! March 31, 2010

The Crowbars are great, they look good, they feel great, and everything else about them is designed perfectly. The persimmon lenses are perfect for everything. They are not too light and not too dark, they are good for skiing and snowboarding at moderate altitudes, and areas with trees and shade.

– zan3754103
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Oakley Crowbar Goggles June 14, 2010

The Oakley Crowbar Goggles, by far my favs.

– Gear Slayer
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Very nice goggle March 15, 2010

I got the Canada/Persimmon, and it fits very well with my Giro G9 helmet. Never had any fogging problem. It also looks very stylish.

– bud3709826
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Oakley Crowbars September 25, 2011

These are my secondary goggles but they don't disappoint. Usually wear them when snowmobiling and/or when it isn't too sunny. Great ventilation also.

– shredthegnar04nj
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Eye protection November 12, 2009

These goggs have been great to my eyes for the last few years. The fit is great but what really sets these apart from the other companies is the lenses. I use the fire iridium lens on sunny days and it is the one I use at high altitude. It's been to the top of Everest and helped me ski down K2. The high intensity yellow is great for flat/ low light conditions and also good for night climbing.

– Dave Watson
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Best goggle EVER!! February 22, 2010

The Oakley Crowbars are the best goggle I have ever used, period. Mine have the G30 lens which I think is the best of both worlds, perfect for cloudy storms and the dark winter days we have in AK, but also amazing when it pops blue and the sun shines. Amazing comfort and style they fit seamlessly with my giro G10 helmet. In my opinion they are the best money can buy!!

– Matt Peters
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Oakley quality February 21, 2010

I've had my crowbars for four years now and they are still perfect. The silicone strip on the strap is a great edition for helmets. They never fog up when I'm skiing. They are also the best looking goggles on the market.

– James Molnar
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Crowbars February 15, 2010

I got my crowbars a while back with some sort of special graphics (don't really know how to explain). I like the Oakley lenses, which I can almost say they are the best on the market. Aside from the high quality build, the mesh and foam padding is really spectacular, except after several hours of skiing, I feel it gets a bit itchy. Not too much to really affect it's performance, but just a small annoyance that will occasionally catch your attention

– Chris Wang
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Too much nose pinch March 22, 2010

Everything about the crowbars is cool, but I have an average size nose and yet still felt too much of a nose pinch. I returned these goggles and bought the splice goggles instead. There was no pinch on the splice, so I am glad I got the splice instead.

– acidflames
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CROWBARS July 7, 2010

The oakley crowbar goggles are some of the best goggle out there. They offer a lot of peripheral view but are a little heavy because of their size. Pick up an iridium lens for amazing depth perception and sun protection. I have the fire lens and the trail's terrain doesnt blur together like with most other lenses but its definitely NOT a night skiing lens. The white O matter frame tends to dirty up a little bit if you handle it too much with your hands so be careful. The strap also frays if it comes in contact with any Velcro. The foam covering one of the vents on the top tore through too.

– Keene Waller
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Great Goggle - Very pleased April 6, 2010

Very comfortable, you don't mind wearing them for an all day outing. The VR50 lenses are GREAT. One day on the mountain, the top was shrouded in dark fog and wind while the bottom was perfectly clear with bright sunshine. The lenses performed great in both conditions and allowed my eyes to handle the transition on the way down from overcast to bright very well. And the anit-fog is great. Any fog that formed (mostly from me burying my head in my jacket on the lift) immediately fades away. Word of warning for contact wearers: the airflow is so good, it dried my contact enough that I blinked it out heading down the mountain - almost caused me to hit a tree! So keep your eyes moist and don't forget to blink frequently, especially on windy days.

– big3763951
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For Helmet Users: Simply the Best January 30, 2009

I picked up the Crowbars (matte white/black iridium) before the season and was super stoked to try them out. When the first ski day rolled around I slipped these over my helmet and was not disappointed. The outriggers, while looking slightly odd with a hat, offer the best fit over a helmet I have ever had. Whether I was rocking them over my Giro G10MX or under my Giro Shiv the goggles fit perfectly and the silicon kept them firmly in place. The goggles also offer you a great range of vision especially peripheral and the Black Iridium lens, not only is mirrored so it looks sick but is great for bluebird sun to overcast conditions. Now for night skiing the goggles made it easy to pop out the iridium and put in a clear crowbar lens that I bought extra. I loved how the goggles blended style, great vision, ZERO fogging and an awesome fit, perfect for an aggressive and avid skier like myself. Oakley has made some of the best products over the years and continues to do so while also creating newer and better innovative products.

– Steve Summers
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Matte White / Fire lens January 22, 2010

Looks sick! the combo I choose was insane. but the fire lens is not the best lens for dark conditions, so if you know you dont get a lot of sun, or do a lot of night riding i would suggest a other lens.

– Jakob
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Awesome... BUT January 22, 2010

These are sick goggles! Definitely the best I have owned. The only problem that I have had with them is in deep Utah pow. The snow sticks to the vents on top and the top half of the goggle fogs up. Other than that, I'd definitely recommend them

– Chandler Naccarato
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awesome google! January 20, 2010

i have had two pairs of these one with the fire lens and one pair with the H.I. yellow, the fire lens is so amazing for sunny days and even works great in low light conditions the H.I yellow is also really great for the flat low light days and night skiing. these goggles are the best i have ridden with you cant go wrong.

– lincoln kroft
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great goggles! January 11, 2010

i love these goggles. i have a pair of wisdoms that i have used previously, and although they were great without a helmet they didnt fit well when i wore my helmet (which tends to be more and more frequent). the crowbars fit perfectly with my helmet and the yellow lenses work fantastically for night time riding! i would recommend these to anyone, especially if you can find them discounted on steepandcheap or whiskeymilitia.

– radinplaid1444589
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Peepers are pepped! January 5, 2010

Black iridium lenses are super good for sunny days. Beyond that, they are comfortable and provide a great field of view. Super good goggles - highly recommended!

– East Coast Slider
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I really wanted to like these March 16, 2011

I drooled over these all last year, couldn't wait to buy them! When I finally had the cash I was so bummed out when they didn't fit me. For some odd reason they just sat too low and rested on my nostrils. Drove me nuts, a mm less and they would have been perfect. Other than my specific fit issue they looked sick and were quality goggles. In the end I settled on Anon Hawkeys and I'm very happy with those. Fit me perfect.

– lucas569
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sick!!!! December 15, 2009

soo sweet!!! just got the tanner hall signature crowbars for my bday and they are crazy. these are the most comfy and best fitting goggles ive ever worn!

– Dwyer
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great gogs February 9, 2010

fit nicely on face especially with snowmobiling helmet, not to tight and not to loose, love the quality of the lenses too, no fogging. you pay for what you get, you spend little money you get little quality, but with paying this money for these you get great quality. the best.

– cjd3647675
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the best December 11, 2009

i rode these first season they came out they're sick! wide range of view and you cant beat the stylin' and comfort

– jason smith
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The Crowbar So-far.... December 8, 2009

Best goggles i've ever had. NEVER had a problem with them (besides a crack down the center of the inside part of the lense that was my fault cuz I landed a jump with my face) But even with the crack they still kill it, never fog up, never freeze up and the lens I have is ballin' on a bluebird day, lowlight and everything in between. If you don't get some.... You don't deserve to live.

– Duck
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The Crowbar So-far.... December 8, 2009

Best goggles i've ever had. NEVER had a problem with them (besides a crack down the center of the inside part of the lense that was my fault cuz I landed a jump with my face) But even with the crack they still kill it, never fog up, never freeze up and the lens I have is ballin' on a bluebird day, lowlight and everything in between. If you don't get some.... You don't deserve to live.

– Duck
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No other Gogg competes January 30, 2010

Theres a reason you cant go to a ski hill and not see this goggle. High quality materials make up the frame and strap, plus great eye protection with the lenses. With enough choices of lenses to match almost every light condition, these are just plain awesome. And the fit of the frame fits most size faces from an average person to egg heads. I dont plan on buying any other model.

– John Duke
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Solid February 11, 2010

Good goggle. Haven’t had problems with fogging, feel great, and have a great field of vision. Would definitely recommend buying a pair.

– Rookie Nickerson
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Best Goggle! December 4, 2009

I ride with a helmet and no hat underneath. These goggles work so well for someone that wants to keep there face and head warm. I hiked in these all last season and skied countless days of pow in them.

– Grete Eliassen
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SICK, they are the best. November 25, 2009

I got the Oakley Crowbar Canada with a G30 lens and just to illustrate how cool they are I will tell you a short story. Some days ago I walked up our ski resort because it had not opened yet. The ground was completely covered in ice and suddenly I slipped making a perfect faceplant. I got some serious wounds on my chin and cheeks, and my jaw was just... Still all i could think of was my new Oakley goggles: "Please let them be ok"

– evenlund
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asdf January 19, 2011

look nasty. best pair of goggles to buy.

– Conner Walton
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Best Goggle out ther beside the A-Frame August 19, 2009

Amazing Goggle. Can't Go wrong. No fog.Good Field of View. Very Stylish, lens from Oakley what they say there good for they really are. If anyone asks about glasses under goggles I find the A-Frame is better for that, well for some glasses, the reason why is because the Crowbar is really Rounded, so is the A-Frame but the A-Frame has a less round shape to it so making it flater.To understand it before you give me a thumbs down because of this compare the 2 goggles first.This goggle is worth a look. (This Photo is Matte White Black Iridium.)

– Steezyskibum
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Sick goggles! February 3, 2010

I had Oakley A frames and was thinking about trying Electric, Smith or Von Zipper. After reading some other reviews on dogfunk.com about the Crowbar I deceided to stick with Oakley. I was not disappointed at all. These things are sweeeeet! I always wanted the fire lens (which I got) and they are awesome. First time I used them was in pretty flat light and they were still great. The frames are huge with super periphrial vision. Stoked about my new Oakley Crowbars.

– cmaxim1336236
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I rock these with my Giro Nine helmet October 20, 2009

If I'm wearing my helmet, these are the goggles I rock. One of my co-workers even commented on how gap-free they were with the helmet. If not wearing a helmet I'll rock A-frames or O-frames that are a little lower profile.

– Mike Waldert
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Perfect, esspecially for helmets April 20, 2009

These goggles have a great fit to them, especially when you wear them with a helmet. As always the Oakley lens is amazing. I have the Black Iridium and the H.I. Yellow. The black iridium is perfect for those bluebird days, and if the clouds come and bless you with snow they still work beautifully. The H.I. Yellow work great for night riding, or if you know ahead of time that the snow will fly, then these will keep you riding all day. These goggles are definitely the perfect choice for your goggle needs.

– xtreme_boarder5
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Awesome Goggles November 1, 2009

Love the looks, Fits comfortably, Great field of vision

– jun3319025
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Oakley Crowbar Review February 4, 2010

Like all other reviews on this page, I love this Goggle hands down. I have two pairs of them, each has a different lens. The fit is great, it's helmet compatible, the feel is great, and the look is nice. I never have had any problems with them fogging up, ever. I've skied about 40 days in them, and they continue to impress me. I have a large face, and they fit me very well. If you're thinking about getting a pair of goggles, stop right here! Highly recommended!

– Greg Goodson
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Nice July 12, 2009

Great visions, so wide and clear. The style is unlike any other and I have never had them fog. Negatives are the price (but they are cheap here :) ) and the durability (I have broken two pair of lens wrecking in the park) other than that they are perfect. Even with that into account I have a few pairs of these and it is all i will wear. They fit well with my Giro, Bern, and Smith helmet as well. Thanks Oakley.PS besure to check the oakley lens description and get what you need...people like my father have one quiver goggle style...he rocks the persimmon all the time...when it's bright out i cant handle them...gotta have a few choices :) In comparison (for those wanting a little more information) I also have Dragon DX goggles, Scott Alibi Limited editions and 2 pairs of spys. The crowbars top them all. I would rank the Dragons in 2nd place.

– Justin Cody Griffin
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Love these things May 7, 2009

I have two pairs of these and love them. I have a medium sized head with a hat size of 7 1/2 and size medium helmet and these fit awesome. Large field of vision and good style. Definitely stoked on these.

– Matt Monahan
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Nice November 4, 2008

Love them. I got the Bloc executive and editions and they are wayyy baller.

– Casey
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best gog! August 31, 2008

hands down the best goggles on the market, the peripheral is just amazing and it fits almost every helmet. I use mine with the smith variant, works like a charm. Best style, best vision, and immaculate fit, what else could you ask for?

– Conor Brady
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HI Yellow for flat light = awesome September 30, 2008

if you need a goggle for low light cloudy blizard-type days, the crowbar with the H.I. Yellow has been perfect for that. I thought they seemed a little big at first, but with a helmet that all gets balanced out and the extra air space between you head and the actual lens is good for air circulation. I have been really really stoked on these.

– Re Wikstrom
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Nice Gogs!! October 6, 2008

Haven't used these yet, but they are very comfortable and look great. I have been using the Oakley O-frames for about 4-5 years and they have been great. I didn't really need these gogs but figured I'd try them out. Construction and looks are better in person. Gave 5 out of 5 stars only based on looks, but I will write another review once they've had some use. Ride on!!!

– All4riding
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Oakley Crowbar Goggles December 15, 2008

These goggles are very comfortable and provide a good view. They are lightweight, stylish, and breath well. No fogging up for these goggles.

– Greg Goodson
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Best goggles I've ever owned December 29, 2008

I've been skiing/snowboarding for a good 12+ years of my life and I can honestly say these are the best goggles I've ever owned. Great quality and construction. They're made to last and are comfortable to boot. They fit great with a helmet and are made for a larger face. If you're looking for a smaller face model go for the A Frame, these are pretty big. The Pink Iridium lens is probably the best all around for this goggle, then I would say the Persimmon. Fit great, and are easy to adjust. Definitely buy these for your next goggle purchase.

– Aaron Roberts
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Best Goggle on the Market February 4, 2009

Epic peripheral vision. Super comfortable. Fit great with almost all helmets. The only goggle i own anymore.

– benkite2254039
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great goggles April 20, 2009

i haven't used these that much because i bought them at the end of the snow season, but i'm impressed with them so far. i have a pink iridium lense... pros: very comfortable, they look great, the lense works well whether its sunny or snowing, no problems with the lense fogging up at all... cons: on a really bright sunny day, you still have to squint a little to keep from being blinded, this is only if you are looking almost directly into the sun, the strap didn't fit very well around my helmit because it was kinda short, so i just wear the goggle strap around my head... overall these goggles are really great, and definately worth the price

– jeff spalding
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LOVE THIS GOGGLES, I've had some before, just needed another pair. Chose this ones cause they are GREAT on sunny days to medium flat light days. They don't fog up for nothing. Oakley sure does kick butt!

– vals1976
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Great goggles.. April 2, 2009

Same as with my jacket - I left these goggles with my guide in Kashmir... I love them in low light conditions.. Fit my big noggin pretty well... As soon as I was back in civilization... I bought another pair,,,

– DMC(Hunter)
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Small-to-Medium November 9, 2008

All the positives of these Crowbars have already been covered, so I'll go over some minor nitpicks. These things will not fit a larger head very well (not a problem for me or most). Q1, A-Frame, Feenom, EG2, Apollo, etc for that. Also the build quality and craftsmanship, while not bad, are not great either. Strap could use an extra inch or two.

– Johannes Klawitter
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legit November 21, 2008

super awesome goggles. best goggle with any helmet hands down. highly recommend to anyone

– Beau Riebe
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Decent Goggle January 27, 2009

These goggles look, are comfortable, and have a great field of vision. The tack on the back of the strap really holds to your helmet or hat, and the strap is big enough to fit over helmets or whatever. The venting works well in low wind conditions, but when it gets too windy(20mph+), they let in way too much cold air and your eyes and face get very cold. Overall a solid goggle.

– Joe Stallano
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A great experience February 11, 2009

first of all, these are excellent goggles, worth every penny considering I paid 62 dollars for them here w/ coupons (EPIC). On the slopes, they have never fogged up. I have only lost visibility once, when they were spraying artificial snow and it caked ice on them, but that was a really rare experience. Other than that, the mountain is crystal clear w/ no snowblindness or the like. The only gripe I have is that if you're going to wear them without a helmet, the darn elastic band loosens a bit too easy and after a couple of runs its less than snug. Still, this didn't bother me enough to hurt the ski experience... its just a little unsettling to have your goggles that close to falling off your face. They are very comfortable on large faces and big noggins. Regardless, I would buy these all over again for performance and I have to admit... they're just downright sexy too.

– Bjorn Thorsen
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supper stoked March 5, 2009

medium face. work well with my helmet. parsimman lenses for cloudy days and the grey for sunny days.

– mtbcat391857500
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amazing October 18, 2008

most comfortable goggle ever never fogs definatly buy it

– vjkee1898847
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Super steezy gogs! November 7, 2008

The problem that i have with most all sunglasses and goggles is that since i have a rather wide face, everything tends to look uber small on me or just don't fit right. Oakley always seems to have the answer for this (I wear Oakley sunglasses too ;) ). The crowbars are AMAZING. Even with my wide face, the crowbars look beast and fit me perfectly. They are so comfortable, and they have some of the best peripheral vision i have ever seen in a goggle. They are very well vented and they never fog. The spherical lens is very high quality, and as all Oakley lenses, there's no distortion. They definitely live up to Oakley quality. Get yourself a pair!

– Oliver Prucha
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Great goggles December 21, 2008

Got these a couple of weeks ago and finally got to try them out on the slopes. They were great, I think Oakley has the best optics out there. I got the white goggles with the persimmon lens, and they worked great with the cloudy conditions that day. I recommend that you buy this great product

– Dano
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Seth Morrison Crowbars December 30, 2008

Just transfered to these from the Electric EG2's. I have a medium to large face and wear the Pro-tec B2. The frame fits my face perfect and like i saw in another rating, someone said "I forget they're on". I felt this way as well. Didnt really feel them on my face which was very nice, and comfortable. The peripheral vision is all you need. Like the EG2's you can see everything but unlike the EG2's, the frame is small enough they'll fit helmets with no problem. The only problem I had was on my last run coming down the moguls with my girlfriend, they started to fog up a bit which is nothing I have heard of from these, so maybe one in a million. The only thing that MAY be a problem is if you have a helmet larger than the B2, the strap got a little tight on my B2. Helmets larger than the B2 may have a "tight fit". If there was a 4 1/2, that's what I would give them.

– Wateroksnmud
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Nice for casual skier but if you wear a helmet and like to rip teh steep and deep don't buy em. January 12, 2009

I purchased a pair of these at the beginning of the season. The lenses are decent in bright light but scratch super easy. My older much cheaper Smiths outperform them for fogging as well. They're adequate anti fog but not top of the line. They have good horizontal vision but my biggest beef is vertical vision. The goggles have such a wide top bar that with a helmet they push the goggles down close to your brow. Not a problem when skiing moderate groomers. But when you get in the steeps and your charging and try look up/forward to see a line 20 feet ahead all you see a an eye full of goggle bar. Forward visibility in an aggressive postion is about 10 feet ahead max. Not enough when your charging 20 miles an hour through trees, rocks, and steeps, or even an mogul field. Unless you have an unusually tall forhead, or don't wear a helmet go with something slimmer.

– dou2572816
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Solid goggles with great array of color/lense/fit options February 5, 2009

With endless combination of frame/strap/outrigger colors and more importantly around 20 different lenses (with varying light transmission, protection index, contrast capabilities), Crowbar offers something for majority of your snow sporting needs. Historically, I myself, having a less pronounced bridge of the nose had issues due to the gap between the bridge of nose and the corresponding part of the face foam. Crowbar can be procured in Asian fit and that provided a better fit for me. As for its performance, the face foam provides a comfortable fit with even distribution of pressure throughout the contact area, and the clarity of the lens is what you'd expect from a 100+ dollar goggle. The top of the frame is a bit rounder than that of many competing models and it did pose some helmet compatibility issues for me. I'd say the best solution for that is to use a helmet liner or something comparable (e.g. velcro strips). Despite the thickness of the foam/frame, the peripheral and downward vision is more than adequate, but don't expect to have as good a upward vision. As for its anti-fogging capability, it's no better than my 40 dollar Uvex goggle that I use for night skiing - if you wear it with a face mask, the steam from your nose/mouth will fog it up - which is expected...I'm just saying, don't expect that it'll be better in that regard.

– Yung Lee
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Excellent March 11, 2009

These goggles are extremely good. Great field of vision and they never fog up. Also they are really stylish. I got them custom off of the Oakley website and they match perfectly with all my gear.

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Great design November 12, 2008

At first I didn't like the look of the "wings" on each side of the goggles, but they've grown on me and the fit is excellent with a helment. The best part about these goggles is the excellent field of vision you get, much more than A-frames. If you ride at night, be sure to check out the HI-yellow lenses.

– CarvinMarvin
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Crowbars (Pink Iridium/Fire lenses) December 29, 2010

I have two pairs of crowbars (with the above lenses) and love them. A huge improvement over the A Frame shape for helmet users. The outriggers take pressure off of your face and the rubber coated strap help keep them glued to the side of your helmet. I used A Frames for years (with Black Iridium and High-Intensity Yellow lenses) and feel my current setup is far superior. I ride with the Pink Iridium lens at least 80% of the time. It's great for low-light and mixed light conditions. When it's totally garbage visibility the High-Intensity Yellow lens is superior but it is too bright if the weather changes. In Whistler it's common for the sun to come out of nowhere on awful days and I found myself blind with the Hi-Yellow lens, the Pink Iridium adapts very very well. Fantastic Lens. For bright and sunny days I find the Fire lens superior to the Black Iridium as it not only has a lower transmission of light (only by a touch) but it provides so much more contrast when you get into the shadows. I loved my Black Iridium but borrowed a friends Fire lens for a run and it was a game changer (in the shadows). I had to go out and get that lens. Great goggles. Don't touch the inside of the lens and be careful with the outside, Oakley's coatings are quite delicate.

– Alex Wren
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Good Goggle December 25, 2009

Overall these are good goggles, I tend to prefer a larger/wider goggle and an extremely large field of view. These do a good job of both, however with my particular helmet, a smith something or another, they tend to fog up some. They work great though if I am not wearing the helmet.

– Jeff Ward
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Crowbars January 6, 2013

These goggle have been amazing for me especially for my snowboard races or some park riding. they also look really cool in my sandbox helmet. I have the yellow and red ones with the blue reflective tint.

– Nick
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Great Goggle March 3, 2009

Provide great field of vision (larger than the A-Frame). Great ventilation and super comfortable. I sold my A-Frames to get a pair of these and I do not regret it in the slightest. Having compared the two, these goggles are definitely larger so keep that in mind. I do not wear a helmet so that was not an issue with either pair of goggles. The Crowbars did not fog up and the black iridium lens I got them with was great for sunny days. Excellent goggles all around.

– nedler
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Pretty good goggle March 28, 2009

Crowbars are a great goggle, with really good lenses. Only problem that i have had with them is on the burly weather days trying to ride with a hood does not work with the outrigger on the side of the goggle. They catch the side of the hood on my jacket, limiting movement.

– RickJames
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Great Goggle March 28, 2009

I just got back from ten days of boarding at Gstaad, in all different conditions from blue bird days to blizzard conditions. The crowbars with blue iridium was great in everything. I just switched from the Oakley Wisdom because it didn't fit well with my Bern Baker helmet. The crowbar is a perfect fit. No fogging like the wisdom. I love it.

– Robert Bailey
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Great goggles for big Scandinavian heads March 26, 2009

The goggles fit well with my Giro 9 helmet (size large). I had read concerns about the strap being too short on the Crowbars; the strap is short but works well for me. These goggles are not as comfortable as my SPY Blizzards but they do have better peripheral vision.

– MN
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oakley-tastic July 22, 2010

great pair of goggles. never fogs and looks great. but be careful with the vent holes are they are only covered by flimsy foam. great buy

– zhengj901237278
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Best Goggle February 23, 2009

The crowbars are the best goggle I've ever owned. They have never fogged on me...hiking, snowing, sunny, etc. Great for all conditions. I love how they fit to my face (which is a medium size). They look super steezy too!

– Jess Dunn
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Great for medium or small faces, workable for larger faces February 16, 2010

First, the goggles: The goggles are great. Comfy enough that you barely notice they're there. The anti-fog features really do work. I've been able to fog the goggles slightly on a few occasions, but it was mainly user-error. My other goggles (Smith) fogged under the same conditions, but the fog persisted longer and was quicker to form. The Lens: I picked the Hi-Intensity Yellow lenses. Mainly because I go night riding some times, and some of the mountains I go to suffer from some major shade in the afternoon. My previous goggles (a low quality persimmon equivalent) made it very difficult to see gradients and little bumps. Using these was a world of difference. Worth every penny of the purchase price, and made night riding even more enjoyable. Caveats: I have a big head for my height (I'm 6', 200lbs). The Crowbars fit my face, but just barely. I've heard the splice is better for those with bigger faces, so I think I'm one of those big heads. My girlfriend has a *tiny* face (5'4", will kill you if you ask her weight), and the crowbar was just a little bigger than she wanted.

– Tony Lanza
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Pink Iridium Crowbars December 31, 2008

I recently purchased these goggles for a long ski trip to Colorado. I absolutely love them. They work miracles for the slopes. I had no problems with fogging...which was a nice change! :) I also liked how they wrap around my face....I had no problem with cold air getting between my goggles and my helmet. I would definitely recommend these goggles to others.

– kat100224600
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Awesome. November 10, 2008

Super comfy good looking goggle. Oakley quality comes through once again.

– Joshua Bricel
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Good fitting goggle, but know your lenses! March 22, 2010

This is a decent goggle for the money. It worked well with my Giro G10 helmet, and there was zero gap. I went with the persimmon lens since others had mentioned it was decent for an "all conditions" lens. However, on sunny days persimmon simply doesn't work. I found myself squinting like crazy. I wound up returning these due to how bright they were. If you live in CO then I'd go with something darker.

– Aaron Mills
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Awesome Goggles September 27, 2009

Got these last season after riding with some old Spy goggles for 6-7 years. I was hesitant to get them because they are pretty expensive, but I am so happy i did. The spherical lens kicks the crap out of my old lens, and the foam/strap is super comfortable. The silicone on the inside of the strap is really cool for helmets, but there isnt so much there that it pulls your hair/hat when you dont want to wear a helmet. Not to mention the fact that these look ill. These are a big pair of goggles though, but they make a kids version you can check out if your face is really small. GET THESE GOGGLES

– Matt B
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Perfect fit! May 11, 2009

I just got these in the mail today and cannot wait to get up out on the mountain with them... I've had A frames and Wisdom's from Oakley but these Crowbars are by far the best fitting goggle I've ever owned from Oakley... I got the Seth Morrison signature model and the skulls and other designs on the frame are awesome

– GoCougs08
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Best goggle out there July 20, 2009

The Oakley Crowbar goggle lives up to it's expectations. This goggle fits very well on just about any helmet, and is great when it comes to preventing fog in the lenses thanks to its terrific ventilation. It is good in all possible conditions, and comes in a wide variety of lenses for various conditions. I have High Intensity Persimmon lenses for general/all around conditions including flat and low light, and Black Iridium lenses for bright, sunny bluebird days. In addition, the Crowbar has a very sleek and cool shape and design. Although there are many great goggles out there, the Crowbar blows away just about all the competition. Oakley continues to manufacture the best of the best.

– Jacob Frackman
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Great googgles for the money November 29, 2009

These fit great with my Giro 10 helmet and fit my face really well (med wide face). They don't fog up at all (unless you pull the rookie move and put them on your forehead when you are hot). Lenses are awesome.

– thetod2152358
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

These goggles rock BUT... May 20, 2009

I really love these goggles. I have never had fog issues even after long hikes and they fit around my helmet or my hat. I really recommend these goggles to everybody. BUT i would also consider waiting until the beginning of the 09/10 season for the OAKLEY SPLICE to come out, they are like the Crowbar but with a wider nose opening for a snugger fit.

– Alex Chalhoub
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Sold. June 1, 2009

Fits great with a helmet - no forehead gap and equal pressure across your face. Very durable frame and lens, I have taken many tree branches to the face without harming the goggles much at all. They never fog, and have had 0 problems with workmanship/functionality. Top notch eye wear.

– Joshua Morn
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Need to buy June 5, 2009

this is the best goggles ever, u need to buy them, they have every thing you could ever want in a goggle, there is nothing that is bad

– Anonymous
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Awesome June 2, 2009

I have the crowbars in H.I. yellow and black iridium. Did the switch from cebe's after a day with terribly flat light, and the H.I. yellow are awesome in those conditions. I have never seen so much in flat light before and I have much more confidence in skiing fast when i can see where I'm going (for some strange reason). It will be really hard to convince me to go away from oakleys and to try another brand now.

– Bøygen
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

the best goggles i've used April 17, 2009

these goggles are the most versatile goggle i've ever had. with the high persimmon and fire lenses, you can pretty much romp in any kind of weather. and its so easy to switch lenses. if you want a sick goggle that you can use with a helmet too, get these.

– Ricardo Caballero
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Great mask for all conditions December 13, 2009

These are my favorite goggles. Never foggy, even when we hike and unmatchable comfort ( at least for my face)

– Jean-Yves Couput
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Sick December 15, 2008

These goggles are really good looking and get the job done.

– Wazzzup
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My go to goggles... December 14, 2008

I use the Olive Military/H.I. Yellow for most days at Stowe. It really is an awesome lense for low-light conditions...Make sure you buy the lens for he conditions you face and not how cool it looks

– Mike Waldert
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Awesome fit, no distortion and look like Master Chief October 29, 2008

I picked up the Bark Camo Khaki with VR50 Emerald Iridium lens. I must say that they are much sweeter than they look in the pictures. Note: backcountry website lists them as 'Dark Camo Khaki' but Oakley site lists them as 'Bark Camo Khaki'. I ski mainly in Washington state, which is mostly overcast with some sunny days. The VR50 lens is meant for medium brightness days, so I think it will great for day skiing here. What I love about the lens is that the shapes and colors of your surroundings do not distort when you move your head up/down/side-to-side. For this reason alone Oakley lenses are great. If you've ever used the Smith Phenom Sensor goggle, you'll notice colors shift as you move your head up and down, which is very distracting when skiing at high speeds. I use a Giro Omen helmet and the goggles fit great with the helmet's grooves and goggle strap hook. Depending on your nerd factor, you might be like me and think it's an added bonus that the green frame and yellow/green reflection on the Iridium lens makes you look like Halo's Master Chief if you wear a helmet.

– Sterling
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Blue tar/Black Iridium June 11, 2010

Can't express how much i love the goggles, i bought the black iridium lenses for the bright days (get a lot of them in Tahoe) and i love them so much! they don't fog , look stylish, and you can't really tell they're on your head! Non-stop compliments all day. Outdid yourselves on this one Oakley. 5 stars for sure.

– russel_freeski
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

great August 28, 2008

i love these goggles. their comfy and look ill they dont fog and they are great

– T-fizzle
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

HOLY $h!+ June 15, 2010

These are Awsome they are durable u can see everthing and with all the different lens and styles u can find the pair that fits ur type of riding and its great.

– ben3403783
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

great goggles January 4, 2010

I bought these goggles for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves them. The risers that the strap is attached to distributes the goggles better on your face when you're wearing a helmet (the old standard goggles tend to press down on your nose when you wear them with a helmet). The fire lenses look sweet (metallic - other people can't see your eyes) and they block out lots more sunlight than normal goggles. I am so jealous now that my boyfriend has these sweet goggles that I'm going to have to buy some for myself, too.

– jill_r_smi1381916
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Doppest Goggle Ever November 9, 2010

My favorite goggle in the world I have a few pair one for every condition. Love how wide the lenses are makes for great perifial vision . Comfortable around your face and warm as well. They are made by Oakley so you know the optics are supreme, no fogging no leaking, none of that crap. I do suggest you keep your bag that comes with the goggles and NEVER wiper the snow off the inside of the lens, there is a protective film on the inside and you might ruin them if you do so. Just shake the snow of as best as you can and if still very wet just press against the lens gently with provided bag DONT wipe. Wipe the outside all you want..

– Gerrard Allam
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Absolute best April 8, 2009

I purchased the Crowbar goggles with fire iridium lenses and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Oakley is just THE best in performance eyewear, it doesnt get any better. The quality of how its built, the engineering of their lenses, and the overall style of the crowbars are second to none. Oakley goggles, or bust.

– ver2593384
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

goggles April 8, 2009

this goggle is great.. sweet periphial vision sick style barely no fog and durable to any crash or w/e kickass fall u receive

– Jake Brandt
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

higly recommend November 17, 2008

Great goggles, excellent fit and very comfortable.

– mot100192498
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

make you go fast April 22, 2009

i have the chocolate and blue ones with the VR28 lense, and the jet black ones with a firelense..wicked goggles work good with or without helmet. worth the pennies

– Max Middlestadt
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

These are my #1 Goggles March 2, 2009

The Oakley Crowbars have been my number one goggle for this season as well as last season. Whether I'm skiing at Alta/Bird or sledding in the Backcountry, the Crowbars have provided me with great optical clarity and comfort. I'm not someone who strictly wears Oakley either - I love my Smith's too. That said, I would compare the Oakley Crowbar to the Smith Prodigy in size/fit and comfort. For those bright, bluebird days, the Fire lense is perfect...better than most sunglasses if you as me. For grey days and/or flat light, I switch out the fire and go with one of the H.I. lenses (H.I. = High Intensity), as they brighten things up.

– Rob Wykoff
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

very good goggle December 8, 2008

i've really enjoyed skiing these goggles with a helmet or a hat. they vent really well and don't fog up at all. i'd really recommend trying these and the A frames on in a store before you buy online, because they will fit your face differently. the crowbar feels like it fits smaller faces a bit better

– Peter Sanford
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

these are great : Have two pair January 9, 2010

I like the crowbars a lot, fit well with a Smith Helmet .. have two pair, one with the fire lens for sunny days, and another with the VR50 emerald iridium for when its dumping if they do fog up it is always brief, great ventilation on these

– Dave W

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