SOG Knives Tomahawk

Attach some feathers and small animal skulls for flair.

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A dystopian world is on the horizon and when we all get there you won’t want to go without the SOG Tactical Tomahawk strapped to your waist. While you could easily use this badass stainless steel blade for normal camping activities, it’ll do much better when you have to sever the heads of human-seeking killer robots and filthy leather-clad men with Australian accents. The fiberglass reinforced nylon handle will withstand a misguided blow to an obstacle or an inadvertent strike to an invader’s AK-47 when you miss their soft parts. The black oxide-finished case and blade will withstand corrosion from all the salty blood and goopy oil they’re sure to end up being covered with.

Tech Specs

Blade Material 420 Stainless steel Handle Material Fiberglass reinforced nylon
Overall Length 15.75in (39.37cm) Weight 24oz (672g)
Sheath Included Yes Recommended Use Camping, tactical operations, killing robots and other post-apocalyptic nemesi
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime


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THWACK! May 21, 2012

That is the sound this makes landing in the stump in my backyard. Always wanted to say I could throw a tomahawk with accuracy, now I am about 1 out of 5. By the end of the summer, hoping to be 50/50. Solid construction, good balance. Looks means out of the package. SOG makes another winner.

– Simon Brewer

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