Stoic Merino Boy Boxer - Women's

When a thong just won’t cut it, don the Stoic Merino Boy Boxer.

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There's nothing manly about the Stoic Women's Merino Boy Boxer, except maybe the inspiration behind the cut. This short is designed to provide full coverage and the comfort you need to hit the skin trail or single-track in spring. Flat stitching and stretch fabric are ideal for high-output activities, while the stylish side panels add a feminine touch. Merino wool resists odor and transfers moisture vapor away from your skin, making the Stoic Merino Boy Boxer ideal for active women.

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Tech Specs

Material 200g merino wool Cut boy short
Antimicrobial yes, natural attribute of merino wool Recommended Use casual, skiing/snowboarding, hiking & camping
Manufacturer Warranty 30 days

Sizing Chart

Stoic Women's

Outerwear Tops and Bottoms, Technical Tops, Baselayers
Chest 32-32.8in


Sleeve Length 31in
Waist 24.8-25.2in
Hip 35.2-36in
Inseam (full length) 30in
Inseam (3/4 length) 16in
Garment Sizing:
Stoic gear refers to the size of the person for measurements, so take your own measurements to determine what size you should buy.
Sizing Notes:
The Women's cotton tees run small especially for larger busts. We suggest ordering a size up.
How to Measure:
For best results, take measurements over your underwear.
Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest.
Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape a bit loose.
Measure around the fullest part of your body at the top of your legs.
Using pants that fit well, measure the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg.
Measure from the center of your back to your wrist with arms held out.


Average Review –
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Rating for this product: 5 of 5

No riding up, no wedgies, staying cool, looks cute March 18, 2012

I bought the Helio XS (5'1", 114 lbs, 37" hips, shaped like a pencil but chubby around the waist). Compared to other running boyshorts that I have by Roadrunner and Under Armour, these work better at wicking sweat. Maybe merino is just better than synthetics? Unlike my other pairs, these also don't cause muffin top or roll on the legs. I'm going to try them in a size S too. Wish they had more of those in stock.

– wya2453013
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

best undies EVER! April 2, 2011

After years of trying to find comfortable underwear, and I mean YEARS.....I finally found these. They don't ride up, don't wedge, don't pill, don't shrink, don't stretch tooo much, etc. I actually washed them and dried them in the dryer (against tag directions) and they never changed......awesome. I am going to buy 4 more pairs today, and throw out all of my other underwear!

– Kristen
Rating for this product: 2 of 5

I don't love these March 29, 2011

I got these relying entirely on reviews. I'm always keeping my eye out for this sort of thing for snow mobiling to avoid creeping. The elastic got twistest during the wash and I had to fix it up also. I paid the full $35 plus shipping plus $50 duty fees (there was a jacket in there too which is why it was lots) but still! I just don't think they are that amazing. Practiced Zumba routines in the house and got sweaty and they were good for not making me feel too sweaty so good job on that but they really aren't that awesome for me!

– Lil*Bear
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Love these March 20, 2011

They are just right for my body type. Only thing I would do different is order small instead of medium since after the first wear and wash, they relax just slightly in the rear and are not as snug as when brand new. Cold gentle wash/ woolite/Lay flat to dry!

– qua4071630
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Cute and comfy... March 22, 2011

I was so happy to have these on my last multi day hike. They are as comfortable as can be. The only draw back is I can't wear them with a lot of things because they come a little high and show through certain clingy fabrics like yoga pants for example. Otherwise, I'd wear them all the time.

– tkempin2147065
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Best boxers ever! August 8, 2012

I love these shorts! I bought one pair at first. Then I bought three more. Just ordered 5 more pairs. I'm a raft guide and kayak instructor, so I wear synthetic material against my skin all day every day. These are my cure to boaters butt! They don't smell, they are soft, they dry quickly and don't itch when they are wet against my skin. I wear them in 100 degree weather and they don't keep me hot, they wick away the funk.

– River Dove
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

What, what on your butt? August 17, 2010

Replace whatever it is with these. These things are effing amazing. I bought 2 in medium and 2 in small, not knowing which would fit me best, with the intent to only keep 2. They're so comfortable and cute I kept 3 and gave one to a friend. I have 39" hips, and the small fit me like undies, while the mediums fit like running shorts.

– Brooke Barrick
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Girlfriend Loves Them June 2, 2012

I own a bunch of stoic merino gear and have been recently gearing up my girlfriend as well. She has used these a few times and says they fit great for her. Pretty true to size as well.

– Rich Wheeler
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Comfy and warm May 31, 2012

Perfect for chilly weather adventures, most comfy underwear ever. Sizes run true.

– Honey Badger
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

perfect! May 18, 2012

Man do I love these things. Cute, great fit, soo soft, and comfortable for both lounging and active pursuits. I'm not sure what magic they use, but the legs do not ride up which is a problem I have had with every other boy brief. The wide waistband is awesome and gets ride of the love handle squish effect. And they're wool so I've worn them for days while backpacking with no stink.

– amelia
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Stoic boy boxers May 16, 2012

I have recently been purchasing more and more Stoic gear and am impressed with their merchandise. I wore these while driving over 1,000 miles across a chunk of the US and when I arrived at my destination after 17 hours of almost non-stop driving... they weren't stinky, which is really saying a lot!!! They are comfy as well, as they don't cut into your thighs or waist like a lot of underwear of this style do. I have washed mine several times now and can see how the waistband wants to turn and shift, but have not had any problems with it yet. I will be taking these to Iceland for a few weeks to really test them out since my boyfriend and I are car-camping and backpacking, so none of the few clothes we are packing will see more than an occasional dip in a stream!

– Bex
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Stoic Merino Boy Boxer - fantastic April 21, 2012

I bought 4 pair of these over a year ago and they're still in fantastic condition. As others have mentioned, the waist band can roll, but I've found his happens only under the most extremely sweaty conditions. I find I wear them for exercise and standard daily panties. They wick perspiration very well, are cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. My complaints are the rolling waist band and, under form fitting girly pants, the seams show. I've been a fan of lightweight wool for a few years now and these are a top performer. No stink and less bacterial build-up has also meant fewer uncomfortable and itchy days. I would never go back to cotton undies!

– sgk4651426
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Love them boyshorts August 18, 2011

I got these in the mail a few days ago - practically ripped the box out of my mailman's hands - and wore them on and off this past week. These suckers are perfect: I have pretty beastly thighs and they don't ride up or fall down. Waist band seemed a bit tight upon first putting them on, but after a day of wearing them, they were great. No wedgie-tastic riding up, nor any weird bunching. With winter, they have become my go-to undies for skiing, touring, mountaineering, climbing...etc. Basically, when I go outdoors, these are what I wear! Just picked up another pair... Long story short: shaped for athletic ladies with junk in their trunks. Sizing seems refreshingly true to the chart.

– Susan Rogers
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Awesome underwear! February 23, 2012

These boy shorts are truly amazing--not sexy like Icebreaker panties--but so comfy all day during any activity! I'm ordering more NOW!

– Jmb5370729
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Super undies with coverage January 14, 2012

I ordered these in a large based on the Sizing Guide and my measurements. The large fit comfortable, they do not ride up nor do the legs roll up. I read that a few individuals were having issues with the waist band twisting (Try sewing four-six stoppers on it to prevent the waist band for twisting.) Like sewing a button on but without the button. I am still trying these out to ensure they will hold up for backpacking this year. But I did wear them for 48 hours (while doing daily activites and work) and felt as if I did not have bottoms on! Good product.

– Froggy
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

super boxer January 3, 2012

Love the fit, material, and price. Ordered XS and S, XS fit's waist and hips but a little tight around my thighs so I kept S (26" waist, 35" hips and athletic thighs). They don't stretch out too much after a few days of wearing. I worn them from airport to campsite to rock climbing for 3 days and still not smelly. Washed it and it dried overnight. I could just bring 2 pairs of these instead of 6 pairs of other underwear for the 10 days trip. Legs doesn't ride up sitting, sleeping or climbing.

– somewhere
Rating for this product: 3 of 5

pretty decent little shorts October 14, 2011

these shorts are nice and soft and fit well. The waistband is comfortable, but does twist slightly as other reviewers have mentioned. These are not my favourite shorts though - I find the legs roll a bit - not a deal breaker, but not as good as similar shorts made by ortovox and arcteryx. As well, while cute, the panels of fabric down the sides of the shorts have seams which get a bit bunchy - not a good thing

– heatherr
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Pretty good... October 5, 2011

I have a few pairs of these, and they are really great for keeping your ass warm, but I agree with other reviewers about the waist band. I own three pairs and all three have gotten a twisted waist band after just one or two washes, which is really frustrating after spending so much money on them, and it's tough to straighten it back out again. Other than that they are great, really comfortable, and don't ride up at all. The material is relatively heavy, so wearing them under your low rise skinny jeans might not be an option, but they are my go to underwear for the Swedish winter.

– McYucky
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

My favorite undies, EVER!!!!! October 4, 2011

I absoutley love these boy shorts. They fit awesome, feel great and actually stay put. I will be buying many more for sure. :-))

– k2pooh
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

new favorites August 16, 2011

I wish they had more colors in these! these are the first boy shorts I've found that the legs don't ride up on. Waist is comfy and soft. I agree with the other reviewer about the waist band. It is free floating and sometimes gets twisted around inside the fabric. This doesn't bug me too much. The merino is oh so soft and doesn't get the weirdness about it like Capilene. I wash with regular detergent and dry flat with my bike clothes. Can't afford the wool detergent every time I wash my clothes.

– Kate Atha
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Stoic Merino 200 Boy Boxer - women's July 20, 2011

I'd have given these undies five stars if it weren't for the waist band. The band can twist/flip after a day on the trail, which is more than a bit irritating. The fabric is a bit on the heavy side, but is super comfortable (no itch) and is excellent at absorbing and wicking sweat. The fabric is also much, much more effective as an odor barrier than synthetic tech fabrics...even those using silver in the thread. I've purchased four pair, but will likely hold off on another purchase until the waste band problem is solved.

– sgk4651426
Rating for this product: 1 of 5

Not so great for biking September 15, 2010

Got this for biking (I ride a Townie), but it did not work so great. Although they were comfortable and did not cut into my buttocks like normal underware would, it bunched up in the crotch. The leg part needs to be 2" longer or more, like the mens are (Stoic are you reading this?) so it can stay put on your legs. So, unfortunately I won't be buying more.

– Vergie
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Yeah, they're nice. February 5, 2011

These boxers are pretty darn nice. They pretty much hold up to all the reviews I read before I bought them. They're comfortable, do great with moisture, and they don't ride up. I use them mostly under running tights. I'm 5'9" 140-143 lbs and fit and the small were perfect for me. Not too tight and not loose. Not to mention these boxers look cute too.

– dhs2519451
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Yes! Best undies ever. June 20, 2010

Most boyshorts and hot shorts ride up and give me the worst wedgies. I have rather large glutes for my size, so, boyshorts often don't give full coverage (which, combined with riding up, is awful). These boy shorts are THE BEST. The wool is non-scratchy and the fit, for active women with curves, can't be beat. Stoic/Backcountry did a GREAT JOB with this and when the time comes to buy more underwear I'll definitely be getting these.

– emeredith.2386541
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Awesome October 30, 2010

Best underwear ever. Stay in place much better than Ibex or Smartwool boy shorts, super cute too!

– kri3914770
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

awesome January 7, 2011

Totally awesome shorts! Never ride up, and fit well beneath tights or any kind of pants. I've been wearing them in the winter on runs, snowshoeing and skiing under other clothes. no panty lines, of course. Pretty short to wear alone on a run with nothing over top in the summer or at the gym, but can be done if you want or don't mind some creepers creeping.

– fay4273714
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Love em! December 18, 2010

I wasn't too sure about all the hype on these boy shorts but these are definitely the best boy shorts I've ever owned. I have some Jockey boy shorts that I thought I really liked until I wore these. Definitely worth every penny.

– chr3379889
Rating for this product: 3 of 5

Could be awesome with some tweaks March 14, 2011

If it weren't for the super thick seam around the legs (it is bulky and shows through your pants) and the fact that the elastic in the waistband twists around, I'd really love these boxers. The fabric is perfect and wicks really well. If they just make a couple changes I'll buy tons more!

– Annie Naylor
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

cat's meow August 29, 2010

my lovely boyfriend bought me these, and I'm so glad he did. They are just truly amazing. I have a pair of smartwool boyshorts, and the cuffs on the thighs are so tight and the waist so high, it's not really pleasant so I was a bit skeptical of these. But they sit a nice height, not too high nor too low, and the cuffs on the thighs hug without cutting off circulation and they don't ride up. I wore them as undershorts over regular underwear when I wore a skirt on my bike - stylish enough that if you inadvertently flashed, nobody would know they were undies!! wish I was rich so I can replace my whole underwear drawer with these!

– chickincanada
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

FAB!!!!!!! August 1, 2010

These are just Fab! Fit so true to size,comfy,not itchy and most importantly WARM ! Have been wearing them under jeans on the cold winter mornings in inland Western Australia when standing watching my boys at sport and it is only 3 degress Celcius. Now I can't wait to use them in Switzerland in Dec.

– Hoyne /Huber
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Bravo! July 27, 2010

It's about time a manufacturer designed a boy short that doesn't ride up during activity or at rest, regardless of the size of your booty. Stoic nailed it with comfortable, breathable fabric and a snug but not too tight fit. I've done just about every sport in these and keep washing them almost daily because I want to wear them again and again. No other boy short I have comes close. Next time, I'm ordering a dozen.

– JB Brockman
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Best boy shorts I've found! May 27, 2010

I've tried nearly every boy short made and was about to decide boy shorts just weren't for me, and then I found these. The fit is excellent. The rise is just what I wanted--not super low, but not too high either. The length is perfect--just long enough to cover and they don't ride up. The fabric is great, and they don't stretch out like the 100% merino ones do. They wash up great using wool wash and air drying. Both colors are cute. I ordered some more, in case they quit selling them.

Rating for this product: 5 of 5

very pleased April 16, 2010

You can't tell how flattering these will be, but actually, it's a great hiphugger fit. And I took 'em trail running, and it felt perfectly comfy and breathable. I think I'm going to get several more pairs. I'm not super sold on the grey color, but the black ones are rad.

– b.lo
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Way Comfy April 25, 2010

Just broke these in today in the gray color and they are way comfortable. I rode my bike today and did regular everyday stuff and they stayed put and I was so comfy all day. I can't wait to go running in them. The size chart was accurate for this item and I would even buy more!

– dfreedman
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

Best Underwear Ever October 18, 2010

Wow. These are absolutely incredible. Extremely comfortable, super soft, and I can wear them for about 4 days before I start to notice any smell at all--and even then its not bad! They fit perfectly, and don't ride up at all. The best pair of underwear I have ever owned, hands down.

– Hannah Grimm
Rating for this product: 4 of 5

Hand wash? September 10, 2010

Seriously awesome. Several pairs. And I thought I could never wear "boyshorts" Wish there was an XXS. Stretch out a bit. Snug up again when machine wash/line dry. Has anyone used them for an extended trip in the backcountry or handwashed them several times in a row. How did it go? How much do they grow?

– heart

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