Surftech Mark Richards Flying Fish Surfboard

Fly like a bird with the nimbleness of a fish.

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A beach-bound upbringing by his Aussie folks is what made Mark Richards a four-time surfing champion and legendary shaper. The Mark Richards Flying Fish Surfboard blends his most popular and aggressive fish shape cut around a Tuflite core for high-speed assaults in small(ish) surf. Low-entry rocker in the full nose, single-to-double concave that runs into a V-spine, and a thruster set-up under the pulled-in swallow tail is what makes this floaty Epoxy board the number-one choice for aggressive surfers looking for the ideal blend of performance and durability.

  • Durable Tuflite EPS (fused-cell) core helps eliminate the possibility of water absorption if you crack the epoxy coating

Tech Specs

Length 7 ft 6 in Construction Tuflite
Nose 14.17 in Center 22.25 in
Tail 15.75 in Thickness 2.88 in
Fins FCS thruster Recommended Use tiny to head-high
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year


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Fun has a name and it's Mark Richards November 21, 2012

Got the 7'6" Mark Richards Flying Fish as the little pistol to my quiver and it's a beautiful thing. I only get to surf when gale force ENE winds bring waves to the western shores of Lake Superior, so I'm stoked whenever winds are up, but this board is a thing to behold... stable and easily maneuverable in unpredictable waves, this guy knows how to have a good time. Plus it was a STEAL and shipped for free in a few days. Win win win win win.

– klillega
Rating for this product: 3 of 5

weird, but to each his own. August 4, 2012

this board is super long and skinny for a fish, and rides nothing like a fish. It turns like a fun board, has more stability with thrusters instead of a two fin fish set up. I don't like the way it rides on rail and its too much of a log for my liking. Plus epoxy is a wreck to fix, expensive and looks ugly when fixed.

– bailey miller
Rating for this product: 5 of 5

7' dimensions October 4, 2011

7ft 0" Nose: 14.5" Center: 21.75" Tail: 15.5" Thickness: 2.88"

– Josh Chapman

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