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If you're looking for more stability and power in paddle then you can count on Wayne Lynch's Full Flight Surfboard. The round-pintail shape creates a relatively high flow-volume while the tri-fin set-up dishes out solid maneuverability and tracking through barrels. Wayne Lynch and Surftech come together to build a classic shape around a modern, highly effective core.

  • Surftech's proprietary Tuflite fused-cell won't absorb water nearly as much as traditional polystyrene cores

Tech Specs

Length 6ft 7in (200.7cm) Nose 10.5in (26.7cm)
Center 22in (56cm) Tail 18.75in (47.6cm)
Thickness 2.38in (6.05cm) Construction Tuflite
Fins FCS Recommended Use Flat to head high barrels
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year


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Great board, inaccurate description December 20, 2010

First off, this board is the Wayne Lynch Freeform, not the Full Flight. The picture is correct. It has a rounded pintail. It is 19.75" wide in the center, not 22" as listed in the specs here. This board has great paddle power, works great in hollow waves and carries through the flats. Don't let the wacky description deter you. Wayne Lynch is a master.

– solarvibe

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